I was inspired to begin a blog at our annual writer’s conference this fall.  I learned that it is necessary to have a presence on the web, and it is always good to write every day.  This is my attempt to meet both goals. 

My blog is called faceliftbook because of an exercise we did at the conference, the Northwest Ohio Christian Writer’s annual fall workshop.  We were renaming facebook for different segments of the population, and my contribution for women over 50 was “faceliftbook”.  The speaker liked it, and I decided it also reflected my purpose.

I hope to amuse, entertain, educate, and encourage you to think about life in a way that lifts not only your face but your spirit.  My faith in God is the basis of my hope, and I plan to share with you books I’m reading, songs that move me, funny things I notice about life, and how I see God’s plan unfolding in my life.  Better than plastic surgery any day!  And free.

Join me as I reflect on so many things in life that make me look up and smile. 

Coming next, a summary of two book series I’ve been reading lately.  See you soon,