Yesterday I wrote about a series of books I’ve been reading that are set in a women’s homeless shelter, and how it was challenging me to actually think about the people in that situation.  After I posted, I skimmed over my facebook page and found a post from my friend Morgan, who has been taking her 4 kids to a local women’s shelter and offering practical help to the women there.  I have to say, I was really humbled that Morgan is willing to jump in and do where I am still in the thinking stages.

I just want to say, to anyone out there making a difference in someone’s life, thank you for the example you are to everyone who is capable of helping someone else in some way.  You are an inspiration, and a motivation, to find a place to plug in and let God use us to be his hands and feet in this world.

In our family we have found different causes to be involved in over the years, and volunteering has always been important to me, to actively show the kids that giving back should be a priority in our lives.  I am challenged by Morgan’s generous enthusiasm, and will be praying about where God wants me to step farther out of my comfortable life to make someone else feel cared for.

I join with Morgan to pray for the women at the Sparrow’s Nest, for their healing and health, for their children and families that are not with them, and mostly that the journey they are on leads them to God, who will always be with them no matter their circumstances.