Along with the House of Hope series by Neta Jackson, I’m also reading the Yada Yada Brothers series by her husband, Dave Jackson.  This is a unique collaboration.  They are using the same characters, but Dave is showing the men’s side of the stories while Neta shows the women’s, and they are interwoven in the same storylines.

The thing that struck me as I read the first Brothers book was that we so often form faulty opinions of people based on what we see on the surface.  For instance, in the women’s version of the stories, the character of Harry Bentley makes a comment to Gabby that would normally come from a person with a working knowledge of God.  Gabby seems to take this as evidence that Harry must be a believing Christian, but in the first Brothers book it shows that his comment is offhand and just seemed like the right thing to say, though he knew he didn’t mean it.

It makes me wonder what people in my life I assume have a growing faith life, but who are only talking the talk?  And likewise, what impression do I make on other people about my relationship with God and the importance it has in my life?  How do my choice of words reflect what I hold most dear in my heart?

More on the words we use next post.